About Me

Hi! I'm a software engineer with a strong orientation toward product development and UX design. In the last few years, I've built up a portfolio, helped a professional client, and recently finished Dockyard Academy, a 3-month training for software development.

Back in my university days, I loved business and marketing. The ability to make products people loved while running a tight operational ship was fascinating. And so was the web! I learned HTML/CSS and started making student websites and Flash multimedia while doing a Bachelors in International Business. After working in sales for a few product manufacturers, I gave it a second go and got back into digital.

I found clients, made them websites, and helped them use social media to put their brand out there. This was very important for a business media company's early days when I was hired as their community manager. After moving to New York City, I led the digital communications for an influential nonprofit where I had the good fortune to implement a CRM system while working with various departments to build webpages, newsletters, campaigns, and more. After a few years of advising clients, I took a break and traveled the world.

Misfortune then took a family member too early. Through a pharmaceutical company's compensation, I became a public markets investor. I also met my partner and moved to Bremen, Germany.

My itch for tech though would not rest. I casually learned web development with JavaScript and Elixir, found mentorship, and pursued projects that interested me. This led me to my first client and to Dockyard Academy where I learned to sharpen my operational and communication skills to where I am today.

How can I help you?

My goal is happy customers, reduced expenses, and increased revenue. Aside from the tech skills below that I'm most confident with, I carry forward project management and writing skills from my previous career. Please contact me if you'd like to chat about your project or just want to say hello.

Code:JavaScript, Elixir, CSS, HTML
Frameworks:Next.js, Phoenix
Frontend:React, LiveView, Tailwind
Design:Figma, Illustrator